Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

Who We Are

Patients, professionals and the public at large; everyone who is willing to make a commitment toward action for cancer prevention is welcome to join the network.

What We Do

The Scottish Cancer Prevention network is focused on moving evidence on cancer risk reduction into everyday life, practice and policy.

How You Can Help

If you would like to contribute to the network in any context, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Or if you have any enquires or feedback we would like to hear from you.


For guidelines, application forms, surveys and other helpful extras please visit here. More information to be added soon.

The SCPN Blog

Please visit the SCPN Blog, where we post regular updates on the world of cancer prevention and up-to-date research.


We recognise that education and awareness raising are the cornerstone to action, and produce a newsletter four times a year, which covers the wide range of our interests.

Art & Design Prize

The SCPN are delighted to announce Stuart Clark as this years Art & Design prizewinner.

Healthy Meetings

The SCPN has developed a scorecard, which focuses on ten highlights that regular meeting attenders agree, represent important examples of good practice for healthy meetings.


The Scottish Cancer Coalition is a partnership of 21 voluntary organisations dedicated to improving cancer services and outcomes for patients in Scotland, and promoting research and prevention efforts.


The Scottish Cancer Foundation is our parent charity and has developed and supports the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network.


Research Dissemination

WCRF continuous
  • WCRF Continuous Update Report – Gallbladder Cancer

Gallbladder cancer is the twentieth most common cancer worldwide and the seventeenth most common cause of death from cancer. Survival is poor compared to some other cancers, as patients often present late due to a lack of symptoms until the disease is well established.   It is more common in women than men and is […]

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Healthy Meetings

Healthy Meetings Scorecard
  • Welcome to Healthy Meetings

Have you noticed how difficult it can be to attain your daily healthy eating plans, and activity goals, on days where you have meetings greater than 4 hours that span lunchtime? We are proud to announce the release of our Healthy Meetings scorecard, which focuses on ten highlights that regular meeting attenders agree, represent important examples […]

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The SCPN Newsletter

  • Sunscreens

We all love to see the sun but of course we have to be careful with our skin to prevent skin cancer, one of the most common cancers in the UK – not to mention avoiding the wrinkled, leathery look common to some American celebrities.   The sun gives out two types of ultraviolet radiation […]

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  • Applications to the Scottish Cancer Foundation Prize and Evans/Forrest Medal are now closed.

Nominations are no longer being accepted for the 2015 Forrest Evans Medal and SCF prize which will be awarded to the person who, in the opinion of the Scottish Cancer Foundation Board, has made the most significant contribution to reducing the burden of cancer in Scotland. We will announce the winner following a decision by […]

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