Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

Can you help the Network?


Feb 13

At the network we have set ourselves the challenge of doubling our reach over the next 12 months and have decided to share our results with our readers. Our recent survey helped us to estimate that the newsletter/web/tweets reach just over 1000 folks so please help us reach our 2000 figure by Sept 2013.

Here are our current statistics… (Dec 2012)
Network members signed up for Newsletters and emails: 304
Twitter Followers: 276
Facebook Likes: 91
Website hits (over last 3 months): 1366
Website average page views per day : 14.6

Please help us increase interest in cancer prevention in Scotland by sharing our contact information:

Twitter @thescpn

Can you help?
1. SCPN has had really positive feedback about the newsletter with a number of people suggesting that we try and cascade this much wider than health professional groups. Many community groups, worksites, media folks, schools, colleges and universities are interested in health and well-being and helping to promote healthy lifestyles but yet very few are on our network. We are looking to expand the newsletter reach to a much wider audience and we need your help.

Are you a member of a worksite, professional, practitioner, personal or community networks that work on health that might be interested in the newsletter and website? We aim to try and double our network numbers this year and need as many people as possible to sign up for the free newsletter- please send your ideas to us at with message marked NETWORK

2. Have you any questions about cancer prevention and lifestyle? We have published a few articles on questions that people have raised at meetings and contacted our experts to provide the feedback. If you have a question, then it is likely that others do too, so drop us an email and let us find the answers. Contact with message marked QUESTION

3. We are planning our next conference for Jan/Feb 2014 and are looking for readership requests for the programme content. If you have ideas for speakers/topics/format and style of the meeting please let us know. Interested ? Contact with message marked CONFERENCE

4. We are looking for folks living with cancer to help join in with SCPN. We are particularly keen to find folks with an interest in healthy living and well-being. Involvement might include one meeting per year and regular email contact. Interested? Contact with message marked PATIENT