Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

4th International Course in Nutritional Epidemiology at Imperial College

  • South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London
  • 3rd - 12th September 2012

  • September 3, 2012

This advanced and interactive course gives participants a solid grounding in the knowledge and skills that are required to work as a nutritional epidemiologist. Participants are expected to have postgraduate level experience in epidemiology. The current course director is Professor Elio Riboli (who leads the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)), and the faculty comprises world-class researchers from Imperial College and other leading institutions worldwide. The course consists of lectures, computer tutorials, debates and discussions with experts and a small group assignment, with particular focus on current controversies in the field (such as: what proportion of cancer cases could be attributable to excess alcohol consumption?).


There is considerable emphasis on methods for the assessment of ‘exposure’ (including diet, body size, and physical activity), methodological issues in study design, and pertinent statistical questions, including how best to address measurement error and adjust for total energy intake. Learning how to critically interpret results from nutritional epidemiological studies and evaluate proposed associations between nutritional factors and disease are also key core objectives of the course. Current research priorities in nutritional epidemiology and its future potential are discussed, as well as the implications of scientific findings for nutritional recommendations and policies. Six WCRF fellowships covering the course fees are available to high caliber applicants who have already demonstrated their potential in nutritional epidemiology or a related area


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