Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

We Can, I Can 2017

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Join us on Monday 6th February for our 2017 conference, adopting the World Cancer Day theme of ‘We Can, I Can.’ We will present you with some of the latest evidence on risk factors associated with cancer and provide you with information on what is happening in Scotland to tackle the lifestyle factors which impact on cancer e.g. obesity, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyles. We hope you will come away with inspiration for what we can do as clinicians, academics, policy makers and individuals.


The conference is held in the heart of Edinburgh at the Merchants Hall, Hanover Street is a light and spacious venue, within easy walking distance of transport links, good quality accommodation and hospitality.



9:15 Registration (Tea and coffee will be provided)
Morning Session (Chair: Dr Andrew Fraser)

9:45 Welcome to the SCPN
Prof Bob Steele, Prof Annie S Anderson

10:00 Cancer prevention: an update from WCRF
Prof Martin Wiseman

10:30 The Scottish diet: challenges for cancer prevention
Mr Geoff Ogle

10:50 Ministerial address
Ms Shona Robison MSP (Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport)

(No Presentation)

Movement and Coffee Break

11:30 Scottish tobacco use: the challenge of achieving change
Ms Sheila Duffy

11:50 The cancer strategy
Prof Aileen Keel CBE

11:30 Realistic medicine
Dr Angus Cameron

Afternoon Session (Chair: Miss Susan Moug)

13:30 Oral cancer and early detection
Dr Emma Shanks

13:45 Soberistas – social networks for change
Lucy Rocca

14:00 Alcohol policy
Dr Peter Rice

14:20 Discussions and reflections
Susan Moug

11:50 Physical activity – anywhere, anytime
Prof Nanette Mutrie MBE

(No Presentation)

14:40 Priorities for a comprehensive obesity strategy for cancer prevention
Prof Linda Bauld

15:00 Advocacy and action
Discussant – Lorraine Tulloch

15:20 Promoting physical activity for people with a cancer diagnosis – a patient’s perspective
Pene Herman-Smith, Claire Douglas, Natasha Johnston

16:00 Closing remarks
Prof Bob Steele

(No Presentation)

“World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February and unites the world under a single theme to highlight the on-going fight against cancer. World Cancer Day aims to reduce the number of preventable deaths each year by raising cancer awareness amongst the general public and pressing governments to take further actions against the disease.”

– Official World Cancer Day Guide by UICC.

Since 2014, the SCPN has deliberately scheduled their annual conference to fall on World Cancer Day. We do this, not only to show our support for the initiative, but also on the basis that our conference shares the same aims: to raise cancer awareness, and press governments to take further action against the disease. We believe that cancer prevention and screening is a fundamental part of this action, and organise our conference to share the latest in prevention and lifestyle research, discuss public health issues and present this to health professionals, researchers, charities and government.

This year’s theme is ‘We Can, I Can’, designed to highlight the fact that we (organisations, governments, health professionals) can take action against cancer, but also, as individuals (I), we can take steps to stack the odds against developing cancer.

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