Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

Welcome to Healthy Meetings


Feb 15

Have you noticed how difficult it can be to attain your daily healthy eating plans, and activity goals, on days where you have meetings greater than 4 hours that span lunchtime? We are proud to announce the release of our Healthy Meetings scorecard, which focuses on ten highlights that regular meeting attenders agree, represent important examples of good practice for healthy meetings. They do not include every aspect of a healthy diet or active living but provide a brief checklist to help support meeting organisers.

We have dedicated an entire section of the site to Healthy Meetings – visit to access information about the scorecard, being a Healthy Meetings Supporter or Ambassador, and the scorecard itself.

You can help support healthier meetings by discussing the checklist with meetings’ chairpeople, providing feedback (your score card) to the organiser of meetings, and sharing your experiences of good practice with us, helping us to promote, disseminate and reward examples of good practice. We’ve produced this quick introductory video to explain a little bit more, but visit the healthy meetings microsite to find out more.