Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

How to use the Scorecard

To help achieve our aims, we have developed a simple scorecard. On the card are 10 observations which we would ask you to score – each observation scores one point. In total we aim to achieve 10/10!


If you are to be attending a meeting lasting more than 4 hours (and including lunch)

  1. We would like you to send the chairperson and meeting organiser the information and advise them that you will be doing a meetings assessment.
  1. Score the meeting (and possibly even take a note of quotes and comments and photograph good/bad practice if this is permitted).
  1. Feed comments (or just the score) back to the Chairperson and meetings organiser. Our aim is to be positive – sharing good practice, giving hints where things could be better (see reverse of the score card) and complementing good practice.
  1. Please pass the information to us, by completing the online scorecard or returning the paper scorecard by email ( or post:

    Healthy Meetings,
    Mailbox 7,
    Level 7,
    Ninewells Hospital & Medical School,
    DD1 9SY.


If you have no time to use the score card as suggested above:

  • It can be used in many ways,and even circulating the scorecard around colleagues, to generate discussion on how we can increase action about food and activity in all aspects of daily life would be helpful.
  • Please circulate the score card as widely as possible amongst meeting organisers, chairs and meeting attendees.
  • Give us any feedback on meetings even if you have not scored these… photos of meetings (with permission) of great veggies, wholegrain items, movement breaks are very welcome to


So if meetings score 10/10 are they perfect?

We are focusing on some specific aspects of meetings that can be relatively easily assessed, although there are other issues like portions sizes and sustainable catering are important. This score card is a starting point on which to build.

If you are wondering how best to approach a meeting’s Chairperson:

We have produced a suggested letter which you can edit, and use to introduce a meeting’s Chairperson to the scorecard. You may copy and paste the following text, or download the letter in Open Document format (for use with Microsoft Word or equivalent).

Dear (Chairperson),

Re XXXYZ meeting 1/12/15

I will be attending this meeting next week, and undertaking a “healthy meetings” assessment, using the attached scorecard. This initiative, led by the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network (, reminds us that we cannot ignore what we eat and drink or our sedentary behaviour and that we need to put our knowledge into practice in our everyday working lives.

As the assessment requires the support of the Chairperson, I am writing to request your assistance in encouraging less sedentary meetings. It would also be useful to pass the assessment information to the meetings organiser, with respect to active travel directions and catering.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation,

Best wishes,
Dr B.Active