Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

‘Dougal the Dog’ by Ibrahim Karim and Erin Docherty


Oct 17

We are delighted to announce Ibrahim Karim and Erin Docherty as the 2016/17 recipients of the SCPN Art and Design prize for Creative Communication. Both third year students at DJCAD, University of Dundee; ‘Dougal the Dog’ was created by the pair as part of their third year project on cancer prevention.

Research shows that overweight adults have an increased risk of a cancer diagnosis. Shocked by the fact that 65% of Scottish adults are overweight or obese; Dougal advocates portion control and substitution of healthier foods in to our diet – changes made in the same way we change what we listen to, watch and wear. This lovable pup teaches us to make lifestyle changes to reduce our risk of a cancer diagnosis.

When we had the chance to interview the winning pair, Ibrahim told us: “When we came up with Dougal, the main thing we wanted was ‘he’s diverse’, and the whole idea of small change… it’s all about lifestyle.” Ibrahim and Erin wanted Dougal to be appealing to all kinds of people and act as a pioneer of making small changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Dougal will be used by SCPN to promote health and wellbeing through small lifestyle changes. We wish both Ibrahim and Erin all the best in their final year at DJACD and onwards!