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#HealthyShelfie 2016: No Salt Needed!


When you have all these flavours to choose from – there’s no salt needed!

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The European Code Against Cancer diet recommendation says “Avoid…foods high in salt. There is strong evidence that people can reduce their risk of cancer by adopting healthy dietary and activity behaviours. In European populations, people who follow a healthy lifestyle that adheres to the recommendations for cancer prevention have an estimated 18% lower risk of cancer compared with people whose lifestyle and body weight do not meet the recommendations.”

When looking specifically at salt intake, it says “The best way to control your salt intake is to be able to make your own food from basic ingredients as much as possible and not rely on industrial cooked dishes and processed meats, as well as to check the labels on manufactured foods. It is always helpful to limit using salt during cooking, and to avoid adding more salt at the table.”

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