Scottish Cancer Prevention Network

How was the scorecard developed?

We aimed to develop something short (10 items), that could allow feedback to meeting organisers. The current scorecard does not include every aspect of a healthy diet, or active living but provides a brief checklist to help support meeting organisers.
SCPN members with expertise in physical activity and diet, undertook a round table exercise to identify key items that might be covered, agreeing that activity, inactivity, food and drinks should be the focus. We then sent these far and wide to experts for comment.
The comments flowed…(e.g. include avoidance of plastics, add in ten minute walks, make sure it is a “whole portion” of veggies etc). We then collated these comments, looking for areas of common agreement, and undertook a systematic content validation exercise of a modified score card, inviting regular meeting attendees and organisers, as well as experts to participate.
Respondents were asked to anonymously score each item on topic, wording and overall appropriateness. Once again, the comments flowed, with 135 individual comments guiding us on what might be acceptable or unacceptable. We then with further internal adjustments created the final scorecard available today.