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Cook With Orange

Savoury No-Grain Granola

A faintly sweet, very savoury crunchy sprinkle for salads, soups, yogurt, cottage cheese, or just to nibble on its own. Keep this mix in an airtight jar for easy and visible access.

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Apricot & Citrus Raw Bars

These bars are delicious raw as our recipe here calls for or can be topped with melted dark chocolate to create a healthy jaffa cake alternative. You will need a food processor or mini chop-type blender and a 9” x 9” pan lined with a long, overhanging length of cling film/food wrap for this recipe. Recipe and photo by Kellie ...

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Pears with Fresh Raspberry Coulis

Recipe for pears with fresh raspberry coulis created for #HealthyShelfie 2016.

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